My Beijing Trip, Part I.

I spent the last ten days in Beijing, China without Alan and Bridgette. I missed them terribly the entire time, but also appreciated having the space to relax, rejuvenate, and be re-inspired. I attribute this ‘need’ of mine to being an Aquarius; luckily for me, my Pisces hubby has been extremely supportive and encouraging, because he knows I will come back a better person!

My mom, sister, and niece joined me for the first 3 days of my trip from Hong Kong, and we had a great time together just eating and shopping. On the last day, my mom and sister booked spa treatments at the hotel, so I got to bond with my lovely niece Brianne by taking her to a lavish afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton!

An aerial view of Beijing upon our descent
Brianne admiring the beautiful orchids inside the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton
Our first meal in Beijing was a dumpling feast. The menu had 70 different kinds of dumplings. I think we only chose 5 out of the 70.
In front of the Ritz Carlton, where we stayed at in BJ
Lunch with my sisters ex-colleague and her family
My first taste of Beijings famous Peking Duck, which absolutely lived up to its reputation!
Brianne and her new friend from Beijing

Enjoying some street food on the old streets of Beijing

We also meet up with some friends of my mom and uncle

Afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton
An amazing dinner at Da Dong

Peking duck skin that just melts in your mouth

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