Bridgette’s First Gingerbread House

I haven’t posted for nearly a week, because I’ve been under the weather and Bridgette had a bad fall at home while running on our hardwood floor in her socks. Luckily, we are both better now and have a renewed sense of energy after resting for a few days!

Yesterday, we invited a few of Bridgette’s good friends over for a gingerbread house session. I found these great gingerbread-house-in-a-box sets at Target which I thought would be perfect for the kids. To welcome everyone on a rainy day, I baked some blueberry scones and prepared extra chocolaty hot chocolate! Yum-o!

Contents of our Gingerbread-In-A-Box

Special thanks to hubby for assembling the houses first!

It does take some parental participation at this age!

Left: A remarkable gingerbread train by Ethan | Right: Beautiful 'Candy Shop' gingerbread house by Karina
Bridgette's masterpiece!
Ta-da! Our gingerbread mini village!

After our creative session, we feasted on fresh oyster from Point Reyes, paired with champagne! (Thank you Balkee and Oli for the idea and the hard work!)

Balkee diligently shucking 7 dozen of oysters!

The 'sample plate'

Love that we can have a separate Kids Table!

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