Tree Trimming

We picked out our Christmas tree yesterday, and had our annual tree lighting and trimming tonight! As part of our household tradition, we trimmed the tree in our pajamas with Christmas jingles playing in the background, and ended the evening with my special hot chocolate….

Ready to pick our tree!

Prepping our tree to be brought home with us
Opening our box of ornaments

Alan is always in charge of lighting the tree, and Bridgette gets to put the ornaments on with mommy

I LOVE ornaments. I love shopping for ornaments, but most of all, I love collecting ornaments that are gifted to me by friends and families. My favorite part of the tree trimming every year is going through the box of ornaments and reminiscing the ‘history’ of each one.

Left: Ornament from my business partner and good friend Jean | Right: Alan and I bought this ornament from Pottery Barn the year we got married
Each year, Bridgette gets to pick out a special ornament for our tree. Last year, she picked this pair of princesses from Target
Left: I bought this lollipop ornament for Bridgette's first Christmas | Right: This Precious Moment ornament was a gift from my parents the year Alan and I got married
This is definitely one of my favorite ornaments, gifted to me by my friend Morgan in 2006 when we had our wedding planner retreat in Mendocino

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  1. You are turning into a wonderful photographer as well as writer! Thanks for including a photo of the ornament I gave you; your blog posts make me smile and cry a little bit…great job, my partner and friend!

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