Dear Bridgette…

Alan and I have this tradition where we write Bridgette a birthday card every year, seal it, and keep it in a box for her to read when she gets older. Each birthday marks a big milestone, and is usually quite bittersweet for us, so we want to write our feelings down to share with her when she is old enough to understand.

Yesterday, we saw this card in a bookstore and Alan bought it so he can write his own personal love note to Bridgette. It is an indescribable feeling when I watch Bridgette and Alan interact and the special bond they have with one another. He is the most patient, loving, and fun dad, and he enriches our lives so much everyday just by his presence. I still get teared up when I watch father/daughter dances at weddings these days, because I keep imagining that one day when I will be watching Bridgette and Alan on that dance floor…..

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