On Starting This Blog….

I started journaling when I was about 10. Well, in those days, it was really called writing a diary. I loved it, until one day I got paranoid that all my ‘secrets’ would be read by someone else and decided to burn my diaries one by one. Since then, I’ve journaled sporatically, but I have always vowed that one day I will start again. Ofcourse, then I started my own business, got married, and had a baby! How much busier can life get?

Now that my beautiful daughter is three and a half years old, there is no better time to start again, especially with the convenience of blogging. I blog for my business, so why not do it for my personal life as well, so that I can share it with my loved ones? More importantly, it would be wonderful for little Bridgette to read this when she is not so little anymore.

As I juggle between my business life, family life, social life, and my own personal time, there are usually hundreds of thoughts circulating in my head at any given time. Thus, special moments could easily be forgotten, such as the cutest things that Bridgette would say to make us laugh until our stomachs hurt. This blog is also another attempt to document all of that, so my husband can read it to me if I have Alzheimer’s one day…..just like The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

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