What’s Life Like Back Home?

Bridgette and I are on the road so much that people are often asking what our life is like when we’re actually back home. Traveling is tiring, especially since we do fast travel (meaning we don’t normally stay in one place longer than a week), so we do appreciate coming home for small breaks at a time. Not only do we get to rest, but we get to reconnect with our friends and family, and that’s something we always look forward to.

After our travels to Lake Tahoe and Toronto in January, and Hong Kong and Hoi An in February, I was determined to stick around at home for the month of March. We wanted to spend Alan’s birthday with him here, and to enjoy a month of being stationary in one place. Unfortunately, I got sick right when I came home, so between my illness and jetlag, I basically slept through the first two weeks in March. I guess my body was telling me to slow down and rest too.

When I finally started feeling better, Bridge and I made up for lost time by filling up our calendars with outings once again! We are both such extroverts that it’s hard to keep to ourselves for too long. 🙂

Even on days when Bridgette is catching up on workbooks and journaling, we like to take our work outside of the home. There’s certainly no shortage of cute and comfy cafes in the Bay Area, so we’ve been actively exploring them one by one…

We discovered Mount Hermon camps last year, and Bridgette had an absolute blast at their week-long summer camp with her cousins. We were excited to know that beside their awesome summer camps, Mount Hermon also offers various camps year-round! Bridgette and one of her besties, Anita, signed up for a weekend camp in Santa Cruz and had a wonderful time together.

While Bridgette was at camp, Alan and I maximized our time together with date nights over delicious meals and intimate conversations.

Dinner at All Spice

Whenever we are home, we continue to serve at our church (NBCC Bay Area) on a weekly basis, where Bridgette and I would spend a few hours at the church office to help their Children & Youth Ministry prep class materials on Sunday. It’s been a nice way for us to get plugged into our church more actively, giving us the opportunity to get to know more people there….all while doing God’s work!

This year, we were especially involved in helping NBCC prepare for their big Easter gathering at the Flint Center. Even Alan volunteered with us, and he was such a trooper! He helped to set up the decor and was dressed up as David the Shepherd to oversee the petting zoo. 🙂

Our weekends are always filled up with quality time with our friends and family. Baby showers, birthday parties, family gatherings…we love getting the chance to catch up with everyone after our travels!

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